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The Swagger #21 — The Thursday 'How May I Help You KISS Everything?' Edition

Whole Food, GLP-1 Fat Loss Supplements, and Gatekeeping Your Online for Peace

Enough of what I think about stuff for once. This one is all about how a few things I've learned over the years can streamline your life and make it better. For this time, I'm choosing three areas.

1. Get Real With Whole Food. For those new here to The Swagger (or to my 20-year-old gig, FreeTheAnimal.com). I used to be a "Paleo Influencer" back in the day. While much of the diet-obsessed world has moved on in the perpetual quest for The Holy Grail, I still keep it simple and effective. Here's how.

2. Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 (GLP-1) To Nuke Fat The Best Way. The new class of weight-loss "drugs" (non-patentable peptides, most naturally occurring) are and will be totally overpaid for and make 99% who use them fatter or skinny-fatter. There are even better ones now: Tesmorelin and Ipamorelin. Here's the low-down skinny on both of these wonder peptides, especially for women. This article is prefaced with the story of an emergency visit to a government hospital out in rural Thailand, and what that first-rate emergency medical care cost.

3. Make All Your Online Useful To You Again. It has been about 30 years since us early adopters got an IBM clone PC, a modem, internet connection, and got online. It was amazing. Then the rest of the world started showing up and now, 3 decades later, simple measures to stem the tide are called for and can help a lot. Don't withdraw. Engage with useful purpose.

1. Get Real With Whole Food

All diets work and all of the same diets don't work.

It depends.

Diets are really only just people, a reflection of them anyway, and on any given day, any given person does good, bad, or not much changes either way. Same, diets.

The way a diet works to produce results is that it includes ways and means where you eat less, less often. It stops working or rebounds when—whether in the context of that diet and its restrictions or going off the reservation entirely—you eat more, more often.

Ultimately, all diets rise or fall on that one thing (how much you eat, fucking duh!). So, the best diet is the one that maximizes your adherence to eating less, less often.

And this is beside the point of the dishonest and often fraudulent way most diets are touted, hyped, and marketed.

This is simply because people, in general, are excuse-and-lie making lazy-asses, so saying 'hey, this diet is tough (they all are, without exception, because they involve eating less than you're fat, dumb, and happy ass wants to eat so of course they're hard) but if its elements appeal to you in theory and practice, you have a good chance of sticking to it...eating less, less often, and seeing slow progress and eventual success...'

... You'll go broke telling that truth of the matter to people with money to spend. Nobody will buy it. People will only pay for lies they love to hear, and they'll pay big, and often, and over and over. Perfect marketing plan. You're not doing it right. Here, pay again. Get it right this time (and we have new lies information that will finally make it work).

So diet mavens have to sell the bullshit magic easy secret that's one simple thing that, either, is that one thing that will drop your pounds with little effort despite your basic gluttony, or is that one thing making you fat (blank out your basic gluttony that can't be it, 'cause then there would be nothing to sell).

... It can be anything—this one magical or vexing thing—from meat for the vegans to potatoes for the LCers. For the Paleo or real food types, it's toxins and/or seed oils. For others, it's anti-nutrients. For the virtue-signalling types, it's their weak-ass inability to handle gluten or MSG.

The stupid-list goes on and on.

If you want to find your own way to mosey on into for eating less, less often, I have some helpful suggestions that can pretty much be applied to any diet template, so I'm being totally agnostic here, even though I do have my preferences and even ideological biases, too.

  1. Always target protein and yes, even if it's vegan protein, however and whatever. An easy rule-of-thumb is a gram of dietary protein per pound of body weight; or, in kilograms, double the Kg weight and eat that many grams of dietary protein (if you weigh 75 kilos, eat 150g...or if you want precise conversion, 165g).

  2. To manage carbs vis-à-vis whole energy intake, then practice "half the carbs, twice the protein." This is a great rule for Asian dishes, where you have your rice and whatever. Half the tyical amount of rice, twice the whatever else (which is usually the protein).

  3. Eschew added fat. You don't have to be a fat Nazi, but oil-based salad dressings alone are fucktarded. All of them. Including EVOO. A pat of butter to fry an egg or two? A spot of cream in your coffee? No big. Most food has fat in it, so based on whole food principles, it's enough fat.

  4. Eat protein and fat together (it comes that way whole) and eat protein and no-added-fat carbohydrates together (meat and fruit, meat and rice, meat and pasta, meat and bread, meat and potatoes). Avoid eating fat and carbohydrates together (beyond the scope here: Google "oxidative priority;" eating a lot of fat with a lot of carbs does not convert the carbs to fat like the lying LCers bla bla...it gets used for energy right now and the dietary fat is stored). The one place carbs and fat are found together is milk, a food naturally engineered to "fatten you up."

Above all, keep it simple. Here's my last 9 home cooked meals. The farang food is by me, the Thai food by Far—one of my harem of 4-5 Thai women...sometimes 2 at a time (and if you have a complaint, moral judgment, or hate me because of that, I hear your cry for help).

Eggs are very frequent. The taco meat is ground pork (way easier to get, and 1/3 the price) and with the seasoning package, not a lot of difference from beef. The ground meat in the Thai dishes is also ground pork (pad krapow moo). Lower right is lentils (white stuff is LF yogurt) and how that happened is I mistook the bag for black peppercorns, LOL.

The gravy is packaged stuff where I use a rounded tsp at a time, slurry it in cold water, then nuke for about 30 seconds. Single portion. It's mostly just potato starch, MSG (I love the stuff; I'm not a virtue signaller who brags about how weak-ass and feeble I am...that goes for gluten, too), and flavorings. Be strong.

The whole meat is pork loin, not to be confused with pork tenderloin, though not a huge difference in price, about a buck-sixty a pound. It's delicious and tasty. The way I prepare it now is to take the whole roast, S&P it, then pop it in the air fryer on its lowest setting (80C / 175F) for 90 minutes. Then I can quickly slice or dice and use it for anything throughout the week, and that's usually to the tune of 4 kilos (near 5 pounds) per week.

Ever heard of Makro? Ever heard of Costco? Then you have seen and heard of Makro.

Observe. My weekly shopping trip, that comes to about 20 bucks to eat about a pound of meat and a few eggs every day (about 200g dietary protein).

In addition to the 9 photos of my most recent food in-between threesome sessions with the gals (you understand that I add these superfluous details for purposes of triggering the weak, feeble, and faux self-righteous, right?), here's a vid I did a while back of some of the food I cooked over a few months time a year or so ago. I was trying to pack on lean mass at the time, so was eating a lot more, more often.

Now let's deal with some relatively new and crazy super-serious and effective fat blasting in relation to the burgeoning field of peptide science, which is unique in one huge respect: most of the peptides in current use are non-patentable. In other words, drug companies are kindda fucked in a lot of ways because also, you don't need ridiculous manufacturing facilities to produce them. I'm not sure how far off it is from casually cooking meth, but that's kinda the idea. The stuff is and will be out there no matter what and outlawing it is problematic because many of them are naturally occurring, so you're making something illegal your body produces naturally.

But, anything to fuck the evil FDA and evil Big Pharma is really way OK with me; virtuous and glorious, too. If I was God for an hour, I'd have every last one of them penniless and in soup lines. That would include all investors in their stocks...even your granny if any of it is in her retirement portfolio. So!

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