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  • The Swagger #24 — Thursday Rage Against, and a Wake-up Call

The Swagger #24 — Thursday Rage Against, and a Wake-up Call

Current Political Events in the Western Civilization Clown-Car World

Just Doin' Yer Job Isn't Enough

Western Civilization is in shambles and continues to crumble. Its people are in chains of their own making...of complacency and distraction. Contrary to obvious appearances, your governments are anything but inept. They're not fools. They're cowardly pragmatists looking out for 'I got mine.' They're better aware that the gig is up than you, so their chief mission is placating you with 'keepin' on believin.' Their priority is self-preservation, combined with a parasitical drive to acquire.

Get while the gettin's good.

To be elite in this clown-car world means to seceded from the decent civilization built by the best of the common man who developed culturally out of and away from his brutish animal nature.

Man at his best. Man qua man. Family and community culture.

Man at his worst...those humanoids who exist in an exclusive enclave...that vast, untouchable club?

You're not on the guest list. And why? Because you wouldn't want to be on it...any more than you'd ever be caught strewn about the passed out humanoid garbage littering the halls and stalls of the average frat house in the wee hours of a Friday night, post kegger.

Because you're decent, after all.

Once the parasitical elite get rich through conning their way to unearned livelihoods, bolstered by fake self-esteem and the creation of problems where no problems otherwise exist, they relax. They've seen the system from the inside; they understand the con. They fortify their estates, set their affairs in order, and prepare to sail away on their modern Arks, while the men of decent civilization are left to flounder and drown. Those of us who dare to sound the alarm, to shake you from your slumber, we face relentless vilification.

But here's the brutal truth: a deluge is coming.

Through my publications I attempt a wake-up, to throw you a lifeline...if for nothing else, to have a sense of true sober awareness and not just mindless political tit-for-tat drivel-notions about 'who ya gonna vote for.'

Most ignore it. "It's crazy!"

I'm crazy. I'm unrealistic. I'm impractical. But also, not blinded by immediacy, not selfish to the core; but instead, having a thought or two for the world we're passing on to the children of tomorrow. Think it's tough to break free now? Project forward—five, ten, twenty years. Every piece of information you consume, every item you own, every thought you entertain will be monitored and scrutinized by omnipotent systems. You'll be branded a thought criminal before you even whisper a word of dissent.

You'll be a walking disseminator of mid-dis-information. A thought-evil-doer.

They'll lock you away or lock you out of your own life and creations, and the masses will virtue-signal that you shouldn't have broken the law, or that you ought to have voted for the other guy. Silliness. Voting is for suckers playing along in a rigged game, knowing it's rigged, but unable to think of anything else better to do.

The very moment you elect representatives to the ranks of the powerful, they are corrupted, co-opted into the club. They used your votes not to serve you, but to secure their own salvation.

Voting won't extricate you from this nightmare. The only way out is to amass wealth and secure your own lifeline. If you don't, you're doomed.

It's not enough to simply fix your shit like getting out of debt, dumping toxic jobs and relationships, cleaning out your ridiculous pantry, eating whole-food correct, shrinking your fat ass, getting off your lazy ass, hitting the gym and thinking about wealth building.

All that is just doing your job. You still have an empire to build, and just doing your job isn't even yet getting started on the rest.

You've got to take measurable steps, measure them, learn, improve, and never stop.

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