#14: Bad Day at the Office for Mr. Gay

— Turmoil at Harvard; Here’s What I Think

Celebrate your victories, or at least, celebrate the defeat of those you hate—your enemies. Who do I hate? Who is my enemy? Those would be the people who craft a livelihood out of destroying the values others have created. The set of unique values that we all share is that of civilization, and in particular, a civilization which moves, acts, and progresses in accordance with our natures as male and female human beings, with male and female human offspring. That last sentence is a loaded one, specifically designed to key in a recognition of just how deeply some of our enemies, those we hate, will go to advance their bogus livelihoods based on destroying values rather than creating, enhancing, or adding value to value.

It’s not that they’re just run-of-the-mill nihilists who want to simply destroy everything. These people have the audacity to demand high pay and high status for the things they destroy—the enemies of life, not just human life, but other animal life, plant life, and the Earth itself.

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