#17: Y’all a bunch a suckers

— Why the blow-by-blow suspense over a shoo-in? Here’s what I think

Much of what transpires in the political arena, at least from the perspective of this blog—present company excluded—is performance art. I am acutely aware that the membership stands a cut above the average, likely because we reject the typical narratives.

In America, every four years, we witness the grand spectacle of a presidential contest. It must be framed as monumental, irrespective of its actual significance. The purported reason for this, delivered by the political elite and their sycophants, is to engage and energize the electorate…the “base,” a stupid label which can really only mean that most intransigently sycophantic among a bunch of sycophant hangers-on with no life outside the contrived “battle.” But the truth lies beneath the surface. This spectacle is a revenue-generating machine for many, from political operatives to media conglomerates. Where antagonism is stoked, real or fabricated, money flows.

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