#10: Celebrity Charity Bullshit

— Here’s What I Think

Seen on the Internet a while ago.

I Have 1000 Mars Bars in my fridge
My mate has but 1 in his
I pressured him into giving his to a person in need
... And this is how celebrity charity appeals work

I’ve laughed at celebrity charity bullshit since watching Jerry’s Kids…as a kid. I distinctly remember only one thing fascinating me about the spectacle. It was a marathon, so giving no shit whatsoever about Jerry or his kids, really, I was always wanting to know how many hours they’d been going at it (running the scam…any measurable progress in whatever…other than fatter-pockets-right-pockets, pats, and slaps on the back in all those decades?)

Y’all go first, and unless it hurts really, really hard, I’m not fucken impressed.

Let’s say the celeb has $10 Million.

Giving 9 of it away would impress me enough to participate.

… Otherwise, you wanna help the less fortunate? Do what I and others have done. Get off your ass, start a business, and employ a few people or more.

And there’s the rub.

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