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Real Short Real Important Real Information

Just a minute of your time...

Greetings and good evening, USA time.

I'm navigating my way through a lot I've learned in doing The Swagger here at beehiiv.

The skinny is this: to have an effective newsletter that's not getting gated everywhere, not being delivered, spam-foldered, etc., you need a high "sender domain reputation."


You try to only email to people who are engaged on some level.

Engaged how much?

The general rule of thumb is that you only email regularly to those who've opened an email from you within the last 90 days. Those who've not opened in 90 days but have within 180 (6 months) you email infrequently, and that's only an email like this...to see if they'll open or click and get back in the 90-day window.

Past 6 months, you delete them.

So that's what's in process.

If you wish to keep getting emails, just click the button below, which does nothing but clicks you over to the FreeTheAnimal home page (not a landing page, promotion, or ad) and it registers a click in the werkings here and resets you.

Receiving this does not mean you're necessarily in jeopardy. So if you're a regular clicker, this is meant to signal you to keep on clicking.



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