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  • #21: Public Introduction to Freedom vs. Freedom, Inc.

#21: Public Introduction to Freedom vs. Freedom, Inc.

— It’s maybe not what you think, so don’t relax…Here's What I Think

Freedom vs. Freedom, Inc. delves into the stark contrast between the essence of true liberty and the deceptive guise of autonomy peddled by global institutions. This category strips away the veneer of ‘freedom’ marketed by corporate and governmental entities, revealing the insidious bindings they present as choice. It’s an exploration of genuine independence in the face of systemic coercion masquerading as liberation.

That’s from the post-category description page, brand new. This is the introductory post in the new category.

How did it come about?

A Tweet. … Or, should I say, a Xeet?

Et voilà.

I generally think of “Freedom, Inc.” in three distinct ways or flavors.

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