#2: Now What’s Going On With Israel?

— The Forever Crisis; Here’s What I Think

I could write that subtitle or tagline, “Now What’s Going On With Israel?” any day, any week, any month or year of my 62, or anyone else’s however many.

Do you get it?

Even world wars, like numbers I and II, had a beginning and an end.

With Israel, it’s one crisis after another going back to when Abraham thought he was going to have to kill his son Isaac, 3800 years ago. That’s lotsa years. You have to wonder if it’s by design.

It fits the recent profile, at least, where there must always be a fresh, new and improved global crisis. These are the ones that come along to bolster, shore up, and make sure you don’t forget that the world is always in terrible peril, and we’ve always got a bunch of parasitical opportunists caring authorities looking out for us.

There are the forever perils:

  • The climate crisis

  • The energy crisis

  • The wealth disparity crisis

  • The poverty crisis

  • The misogyny crisis

  • The racist crisis

  • The Middle East crisis

  • And more

But those aren’t enough anymore, and even localized things like bad storms, earthquakes, fires, floods, terrorism, mass shootings, terrorist acts, and whatever, don’t seem to be enough to keep attention focussed where it needs to be—which in case you didn’t know, is on the TV screen or popular, mainstream websites, so that Pfizer and Moderna can program you suggest to you endlessly that you probably have problems and what you should ask your doctor about.

… They don’t call it “television programming” for nothing.

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