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#3: We Need The World’s Religions Now More Than Ever

— Because they use what you love against you; Here’s What I Think

I came across something this morning that would have taken my breath away, if that’s possible.

I wanted to share it with all religious people regardless of denomination, creed, sect, or anything that, in this context, unnecessarily divides them.

They all have a common enemy; it’s a clear and present danger. This isn’t hype.

Compete with each-other on your particular moral flavors. Sell yourselves to the non-believers. Fine. Some religions may be better for some things in some circumstances. It’s ok to hold yours as better. Everybody does, and that will continue. Accept it; try to be mindful of the vast expanse of common ground that you all share, and that there are evil forces out there trying to scorch that earth.

Don’t lose sight of the facts behind why you really have religions in the first place, and those facts are very close to why someone else has theirs; and if you each look closely, the reasons are very similar, if not the same.

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