#9: What’s Positive in the World

— You savvy individuals have already sniffed out the stench; Here’s What I Think

Following the announcement post title I dropped yesterday, I imagine a few of you are itching for more vitriol. What I’m about to serve isn’t the opposite of what I’ve been saying; it’s the crucible where all the elements fuse into one revealing picture.

You savvy individuals have already sniffed out the stench of the world’s back alley dumpster fire. I won’t insult your intelligence by rattling off the laundry list of societal breakdowns—I trust you’re well-versed in the current theatre of the absurd. You nod along, not out of some sheepish reflex, but because you recognize the train wreck unfolding before your eyes. A curveball: is this mess solely the spawn of incompetence, a collective brain fart, or low-wattage thinking? Is it just a bunch of dimwits bumbling in the dark?


What we’re witnessing isn’t merely a circus of the inept. It’s not just a simpleton’s parade. It’s the calculated moves of individuals acting on their own twisted values. And these aren’t your garden-variety miscreants; we’re dealing with a special breed of malevolence.

“What’s the silver lining, Rich?” Well, it’s this: the situation’s ripe for the picking for those of us who haven’t guzzled the Kool-Aid. It’s a golden opportunity to sharpen our own values, to redefine our principles in the face of adversity. It’s the perfect storm for people like us to stand tall, to assert our individuality, and to carve out a slice of the world that aligns with our vision – not the distorted pipe dreams being peddled by the pied pipers of doom.

Take a beat, look around, and find your footing in this quagmire. Because, my friends, amidst the chaos, the real positives are the lessons learned, the resilience built, and the clarity gained. The battlefield is littered with the evidence you need to forge ahead on your own terms, with your eyes wide open.

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