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  • #11: Colorado Supreme Court vs. Donald Trump

#11: Colorado Supreme Court vs. Donald Trump

— They say it out loud; Here’s What I Think

When you’ve got a high court behaving like East LA gang rivals in the very serious manner of sowing disrespect (HE DISSED ME, VATO!!!), you can be near certain that somthuns gotta give somewhere, and even still, some something may pop anyway.

The reaction is a WTF reminiscent of the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in that it even made a lot of Democrats blush.

Word is, it’s so absurd a decision by such a high court, with such hugely wide implications that…

  1. It’s sure to be taken up by the US Supreme Court quite quickly

  2. It’s just as sure to be reversed; and

  3. We’ll await the next scheme

Consider that there has not been a moment’s peace since Trump took office. Years of “Russiagate,” now in the memory hole, but in case you forgot, it was not only bullshit—every gram of it—but it was actually Hitlery who was “colluding” with Russia by various means.

Which means…nothing in this Orwellian dystopia of totalitarianism is protecting and preserving our democracy.

They say it out loud.

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