The Swagger #17 – Tuesday Big Issue

Western Hegemony Crumbles; Miracle Honey; and Weight-Loss Increases What?

Greetings from hot hot hot, humid humid humid, and still still still Pattaya where my focus has been stress-testing my own unique workout matrix. Details here, here, and here. But I warn you. Most everything having to do with health, diet, fitness, and body composition is marketed to catch the widest swath of those markets, and that's the 90% or so looking for easy, magical, low-effort, cushy, effortless, and unearned results and rewards. People will pay big money for sweet lies and next to nothing for the hard truth.

I have the audacity to market the hard-truth honestly, aiming to interest those extremely rare breed of folks, rarer than unicorns, who choose to do the hard thing because it's hard.

... Big issue today.

1. Western Hegemony Crumbling; Putin is Not Wrong. Imagine having to come to the realization that your own children are really bad. You live in denial about it for years. Nobody dare say anything. Their goodness is an unquestionable, unassailable, absolute truth. Or, the inverse. You're the kids, and you have to finally admit that your parents are just fucking evil.

2. Honey is Truly a Miracle and It Just Saved My Mom's Life; Not Hype. In January, many know I returned to USA for the first time in 4 years. I did so to see my mom "for the last time." She suffers from pyoderma gangrenosum and it was big, bad, huge, and getting worse. Over a year suffering. Dozens of docs, thousands in meds (the last one being a $3,000 per month co-pay). Then a "lowly" home-care nurse says, "oh, that needs honey." Bingo! I've assembled tons of links and research.

3. Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, and Zepbound are The New Miracles, But Their Expense Creates Disparity? Envy politics, of course. "Poor" people "can't afford it," so it's bad. Right. But is that the whole story? No. It's not.

1. Western Hegemony Crumbles; Putin is Not Wrong

I've posted this image I doctored many times in order to give readers a geographical, geopolitical, and population-level sense of what's really going on and underlies all the narratives, stories, taking sides, nationalism, tribalism, and just about everything.

There are fundamental reasons that what we see happening, is happening.

That's a relatively small area of the globe for over half of its population to live, work, raise families, and practice culture and traditions. I live smack-dab in the middle, Thailand, for 4 years now. I lived for 5 years in Japan in the later 1980s. I've travelled and worked extensively in the region. I was an in-theater US Navy officer stationed in the region during the latter years of the Cold War.

... Add to this: All the cultures and political systems are patriarchal and conservative. Their values, traditions, religions, customs, practices, and so on and don't change much. Populations respect their stuff. You won't see anyone tearing down monuments, shrines, temples, or anything that informs them what sort of people they are, what they share, where they came from, and how to behave themselves. China is an exception, but on balance, they've recaptured and embraced much of their ancient identity in the last few decades despite the immorality and amorality bread by and imposed by communism and collectivism. Now, essentially a fascist State that, unlike the American and other fascists of the West (note: fascism is state and big-corp partnership) they at least respect their culture and traditions while the West can't tear them down, display them in jars of piss, and shit all over them fast enough.

In many cases, these cultures are older than our Western culture. And what of that Western culture, spawned by the Greeks a few thousand years ago? Can anyone take an objective look and not conclude that it's in full-blown decay? Books can be written about that, including the hypothesized causes. For myself, I place the feminization of everything high on the list. None of these countries have that problem in the slightest. The valid female survival strategy is well understood here, and for good reason, it's contained. It's not used to run countries, or this always happens everywhere politically, as a force of nature...

The one shortcoming of that chart is that I should have indicated 'women and men voting...' Women aren't bad. It's just that, out of necessity, because of relative weakness and high vulnerability due to being the bearers of offspring, their goals and strategies must be different than those of men. They must always solve for safety first and unsafety is a no-no...a crisis, an emergency. Even the feeling of unsafety is a big no! panic!

And this is what the governing strategy of all Western nations has become over the last 100 years or so. It took a while to get going and even as late as the 1970s and 80s, there was significant pushback against "Women's Lib." ... And today? I meet more women trepidatious about it than "men," who, it seems to me, have taken up the typical virtue signalling as a get-laid strategy—when more times than not, chicks choose Alpha when they can.

... So that's the backdrop for this. It's a transcript of a video and the video itself, if you care to watch. The relevant part is up to 8:15...the rest is an ad.

The transcript describes a series of international events and crises, framing them as indicative of the decline of Western influence and Biden's total fucking up at all times. It details a scenario where Iran retaliates against Israel by launching drones, prompting a military response from the U.S., U.K., and Israel, despite earlier assurances from the U.S. that it would not engage in Middle East conflicts. Biden, with inconsistent foreign policy and stupid-ass Woke domestic decisions, have exacerbated issues like inflation and energy prices in the U.S., while also depleting the strategic oil reserves.

Then, significant geopolitical developments involving Russia and China, now coalescing into a strategic alliance against NATO, complete with economic and financial partnerships to counteract Western sanctions. These moves, along with statements from the Russian leadership about the future of Ukraine, signal a major shift in global power dynamics, to the [welcome, for me] detriment of the U.S. and its allies.

Overall, the text conveys a critical view of current U.S. leadership and its foreign policy, while highlighting the strengthening ties between Russia and China as a challenge to Western hegemony.

Why do I cheer this development? One word: justice. The West does not deserve to lead the world forward, and America deserves financial devastation for all the global death and misery it has sowed over three decades (it pains me to say). America's moral leadership ended in 1993 with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and rather than the West working to bring them into the international partnership of free trade, exploiting its vast natural resources to the betterment of it's new, freer society, the USA immorally did everything in its power to keep Russia down and create problems where none existed. Russia took and holds the high moral ground from the beginning of this NATO-created and longed-for conflict and has been stalwart, careful, measured, and resolute in its moral determination. Impressive.

It is true that Ukraine, among the most corrupt and evil nations on earth and that's meticulously well-documented, needs to fall. I applaud Putin for insisting upon it and not backing down.

In the long run, morality wins all wars. This is because the moral is that which is objectively good for human beings and conversely, the immoral is what's objectively bad for them. For a long time, the roles being played by America, the West vs. Russia have been reversed from what they were during the Cold War when, we held the high moral ground and won that war.

We won that war.

It fell into our laps unexpectedly because of modernization, decentralizing technology, and economic realities...and rather than morally do the right thing as we did upon the surrender of Japan and Germany decades earlier, we took the Soviet Union's place as The Evil Empire, filling the vacuum.

... The transcript, then the video, as you prefer.

... This is a tipping point moment as we watch right now the collapse of Western hegemony happening in real time, and we are digging our own graves shovel by shovel full, and it's all intentional thanks to President Biden and his deep state puppets.

Overnight Iran retaliated against Israel firing hundreds of drones, the US saying no we're not going to get involved in a war in the Middle East, and then last night literally getting involved in a war in the Middle East right alongside the British and the Israelis to shoot down drones over Israel.

President Biden cut short his 50th vacation of the year to come back to Washington to order the US response in the situation room, so it's a mess and for the last few days the world has been on red alert watching and waiting all around Iran.

So while the Western media was distracted by the death of a murderer late last week, something huge happened in Russia that no one and I mean no one covered in the mainstream press.

President Putin told the world exactly how things are about to play out with NATO's proxy war in Ukraine and buckle up because it's a devastating blow to the United States, to NATO, and to Western power elites like World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab who wanted to use Ukraine as a staging ground for all of their tests like 15-minute cities, digital IDs...that's all about to go up in smoke and somewhere Klaus Schwab is crying.

So we'll get there in a moment, but first Western governments are going in a lockdown mode right now over what's happening in the Middle East. Just a short time ago President Biden told Iran do not attack Israel; then Iran fired back and sent a direct warning to the United States: do not interfere, we are warning you stay out of it.

... Some big news; Iran has sent a message to the United States through the Arab countries and I'm quoting from that, "if you intervene in a conflict between us and Israel, we will attack American bases in the region." Of course Biden got us directly involved like we knew he would, as U.S. Marine Scott Ritter told us on Friday, this is going to be big, and he was 100% correct.

So there's going to be a retaliation, this is 100% certain; the question is will this retaliation then escalate to general war.

We know the United States doesn't want to fight a general war with Iran.

The reason why the Obama administration signed off on the Iran nuclear deal in 2015 is that the only option we had if we didn't capitulate on our terms regarding Iran's nuclear program was a war that we could not win.

Every president since Obama has recognized that we cannot win a war against Iran.

So Scott was correct on that and he tweeted just this morning Ben Gurion airport in Israel has resumed normal operations there will be no Israeli response this crisis is over. Meanwhile, all of Biden's meddling in the Middle East is pushing oil prices through the roof once again. Get ready to pay a crap ton of gas prices once again. Axios is calling it Biden's oil jeopardy. Why. Why is a liberal website calling it Biden's oil jeopardy? Because they can't pin this on Trump.

This is all on Biden because Biden is a moron who blamed inflation in the United States on Putin and depleted our strategic oil reserves which are now nearly empty in order to soften the blow of inflation. He told us it's Putin's price hike.

Let me start with the Putin price hike. Anyone with a Forrest Gump level IQ knew that was a lie. In fact the opposite was true. Western sanctions again didn't hurt Russia. It drove prices in the United States and Europe through the roof. Costs for everything went up but it was Putin's fault. They hope you'd believe it but you're not stupid. And if Biden meddles in the Iranian-Israel war that's coming Iran will shut down the Straits of Hormuz.

A friendly reminder that the Straits of Hormuz is a 39 kilometer wide section of land around 21 million barrels of oil or 24% of the world's total oil consumption passes through it each day and oil prices will immediately hit 130 dollars a barrel and Americans will see that immediately in their wallet.

Perfect for an election year.

So President Biden told us he was going to raid the strategic oil reserves to help lower your gas costs and combat inflation, he told us. He led the world and other countries to join with us to coordinate the largest release of oil from our stockpiles of all the countries in history. And inflation numbers came in much higher than expected this week with the latest CPI numbers showing that inflation is getting worse not better. Now the strategic oil reserve is virtually empty and inflation is going up. It was Biden's way of stopping Putin and Biden is your friend. He's here to help you.

But don't worry, we're going to refill the strategic oil reserves with no cost to taxpayers at all. Today I'm announcing I'm planning to refill the strategic petroleum oil reserve in the years ahead and a profit for taxpayers.

Today the Biden administration announced that it's going to pull back its plans to refill the SPR the strategic petroleum reserve you know they drained that to try and bring gas prices down earlier well they've been trying to fill it back up but now it is way too expensive.

But of course it wasn't just Biden the mainstream media told us that inflation is good for us and nothing to worry about they were complicit.

The inflation scare doesn't match reality. Forbes told us inflation looks bad now but it's pretty much sticking to the script. CNBC told us why the inflation we're seeing now is a good thing. Only MSNBC could come up with a headline like that and inflation is your fault says the Atlantic you stupid Americans no wonder the world is dumping the US dollar.

Bottom line is gold has now entered a new multi-year bull market and is making big moves right now...this is the highest an ounce of gold has ever been. Bank of America sees gold hitting three thousand dollars by 2025. UBS sees gold hitting four thousand dollars. This is unprecedented what's happening right now. Of course, I told you this was coming months ago. We talked about it right here on the show so let's be strategic about this. China and Russia are buying up as much gold as they can and preparing for the next stage and this week it all happened. Number one Russia signed a brand new agreement with China.

By the way they did this while the U.S. Treasury Secretary was in Beijing. She was in town. Janet Yellen was.

And Russia flies into China and signs a new agreement on security and the economy. Unbelievable.

Now they have each other's back in case of attacks by NATO. This is the first real military alliance against NATO in years. Number two, they also signed an economic partnership to protect themselves against western sanctions, but the biggest story is what happens next in Ukraine.

Putin told us all that the only way the war in Ukraine ends is with the destruction of the Ukrainian government, meaning there is no other way that this ends; the regime in Kiev will be done kaput finished, quoting Russia's message to the United Nations this week, "this is how it will go down in history as an inhuman and hateful regime of terrorists and Nazis who betrayed the interest of their people and sacrificed it to their western money."

And Zelensky and his closest circle, the only topic for any international meetings on Ukraine will be the unconditional capitulation of the kiv regime Putin said in other words it's over it's over for NATO it's over for Europe it's over for the United States you have lost pick up your ball and go home what are they going to do are they going to do that or are they going to be desperate as we talk about on the show all the time desperate people do desperate things we will be watching this very very closely over the next few weeks now that the ground has firmed up the snow has melted and Putin is about to launch a massive offensive into Ukraine.

Now to the story of how simple honey on unhealing wounds saved my mom’s life, to where she’s back from deathbed to home, going on outings to restaurants and shopping centers, and regaining strength. She turned 83 just a few days ago.

And then next, how you can get these new weight loss miracle drugs at 5% of the brand-name cost. Cheap enough for poor people, who somehow manage to eat too much of the most expensive food in the world calorie for calorie (packaged junk), too often.

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