The Swagger #0

It's not what you think, so don't relax.

NOTICE: This is a 1st email from an entirely new project that consolidates a bunch of sources (Richard Nikoley, FreeTheAnimal, Mailchimp, Substack, Medium, Patreon, and more). It’s possible you may have unsubscribed from one, but not from another. So if your desire is to not be on anything from me, please understand that my team did their best to clean the lists and there was no intention to include anyone who explicitly did not wish to be or not open to considering something new. There is an easy unsubscribe link in the footer for anyone to use on a whim.

Thank you for your understanding.

Greetings from Richard Nikoley. From my expat home in Thailand, four years and counting. (I recently returned to the USA for a week to visit mom…a story for another issue soon, if you choose to hang around.)

… Some of you haven’t heard from me in a while. That’s because this here is new. You have been one of my subscribers at FreeTheAnimal, Mailchimp Substack, Medium, Patreon, and possibly a few other minor places and have received news and information from me in the past.

About that…

I’ve consolidated all my free news & information stuff residing in various places into a single new platform here on beehiiv. It’s by some of the peeps who created and built the crazy popular newsletter, Morning Brew (4mil subs and counting). Once I learned of its creds and tech and busy bees stuff, I couldn’t help but jump right in and see what I could make of something entirely new and fresh.

So here you are.

If you do not wish to be, you can scroll right down to the footer (it’s the green box at the bottom) and hit that unsubscribe link and that’ll be it.

Now let me brief you on what’s coming, starting tomorrow morning.

Well here’s what I think… is a free newsletter. It will be published every Tuesday morning, NYC time. It will have 2 articles, usually in the 500-1,000 word length, each. So, doing the math, that’s 104 free articles from me per year. Free. Not filled with ads. Not ads in themselves. Just free content.

What about?

Well, whatever I happen to think about whatever. Generally, it’ll be something of social, cultural, popular, political, health, fitness, and grasping life by the bells… interest.

And well here’s another thing.

The tone and tenor will be quite different from what you may have been used to from me and at some root down there somewhere, that’s a driving factor in doing this.

FreeTheAnimal, my principal outlet for 20 years now (5,500 posts, 5 million words), is very particular. There’s no need to get into the details. It’s just the way it is. Rather than change it at all, those for whom it fits can continue to enjoy it and I build something new and different. Besides, this will be published over there, too, so members are getting more by my doing this, not less. No dilution.

It’s not the first time I’ll surprise everyone. Whoever predicted I’d ever stop drinking too much, too often?

Nobody. That’s who.

Yet, that’s what I did. I stopped on a dime 18 months ago; not a drop since. And something else? I hit the gym, and not just a little.

The little pic in the center is from when I stopped boozing, 18 months ago.

So I’ve got a lot to say, and I have a “kinder, gentler” style to develop. And I don’t know…it may sound ridiculous.

I’ve got to give it a shot.

… See you tomorrow for Well here’s what I think… #1.

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